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Audiology Article

udiology is a branch of science that deals with hearing and hearing related disorders. Students of Audiology are educated regarding the anatomy and physiology of the normal and abnormal auditory system. They are trained in identification & differential diagnosis of auditory disorders. These include disorders of the middle ear, inner ear, auditory nerve and the central auditory nervous system. With training they develop expertise in audiological rehabilitation, like recommendation of amplification devices including hearing aids and cochlear implants. They also learn the assessment and management of individuals with tinnitus, vestibular disorders and auditory processing disorders.

Speech and Language Pathology deals with the normal and abnormal aspects of voice, speech, language and swallowing. Students of Speech Language Pathology are trained in diagnosis, differential diagnosis and management of speech and language disorders, which includes voice disorders, speech sound disorder , stuttering, speech and language problems associated with hearing impairment, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, autism spectrum disorders, oral and laryngeal cancers, stroke/ paralysis, and learning disorders.

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