Our EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM for parents who worries that their babies are not talking according to their age.

This program is developed to give appropriate guidance to parents and clear their doubts regarding their child’s speech and language development.


Words and More program is a platform designed for parents to interact with SLP to ask their doubts regarding their child’s language development.

Developing speech and language skills at the appropriate age is an important foundation for the child to develop;

  • Listening to others and understand what they say
  • Interact with others and sharing their ideas
  • Other areas of learning, such as reading and writing
  • Social and behavioural development
  • Developing cognitive functions

 Most of the time, language delay and associated problems are not diagnosed until the child reaches school. Parents should keep in mind that developing speech and language skills will assist the child in academic performance. Since language learning is an ongoing process in children, the earlier the identification, the better the prognosis.

When to attend?

As parents, if you are concerned that your child is not talking age adequately. This program is designed for children between 12 months to 5 years.

We will focus on

Providing tips and advice for parents to improve language skills in children

Direct therapy

Focusing on social communication skills in children

Regular monitoring of child’s language level.

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