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Stammering/ Stuttering is a fluency disorder that affects the flow of speech. Ease talk Program is an exclusive program to help people who have stuttering and parents who are concerned that their child might be stuttering.

Ease Talk Program

Special Comprehensive program to overcome your problems with the flow of speech. Stuttering/Stammering is a speech disorder where the flow of speech is affected due to the repetition of sounds or prolongations. This often affects the child’s or adults’ quality of life.

When to attend?

In children, stammering patterns can be seen between 2 to 6 years old. This happens when the child is still learning speech and language skills. Our SLP can try to help you to determine whether the child will continue his/her stuttering pattern or outgrow it as a part of development. 

In teens or adults, the stammering pattern varies in degree. They might have difficulty in conversing in a group, telephone conversations, taking part in an interview, etc. These may affect the social life of a person.

Our team

A team of Speech pathologists and clinical psychologists will guide you to overcome your Stammering problems.

The team will focus on

  • Counselling
  • Focuses on overcoming the issues using specific customized techniques and strategies.

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